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Clip & Go - Longer and fuller hair in a few minutes!

These how to do guides applies to all Clip & Go products that work the same way. Clip & Go One-Piece is attached using the same technique but the difference is that you only need to attach one piece representing a full set of hair. Other Clip & Go products consists 7 pieces with different widths to fit the shape and size of the head.

Create your own customized Clip & Go set

Recommended to get a perfectly matched Clip & Go Extensions set that suits you.

1. Measure how wide pieces you want to use, cut the weft to your measurements. Always cut two equally wide pieces to be sewn together to make double layers. 

2. Take the two equally wide pieces and place them together. Take a strong thread in the same color as your hair and sew these pieces together.

3. Sew the clips on the stitched pieces. Use 2-6 clips on each piece for stable attachment.

Make a narrower piece you have further down the neck and a wider ranging out to the sides. Remember to use enough clips for the wider pieces.