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Care instructions for hair extensions

Follow these care instructions carefully to keep your hair well and fresh. This is crucial for the quality of the product.

Care advice - Synthetic hair

• You must not sleep or work out with synthetic hair, always take out your extensions before bed. This save hair quality and you get a more comfortable sleep.

• Do not wash the hair more often than necessary. If you feel that your extensions have lost their freshness is it usually enough to let it air overnight. Do not use any styling products on the hair. Spray only on your own hair.

• Before you wash the hair with lukewarm water gently brush through your hair to sort out any tangles. Apply a mild shampoo and massage gently, no circular motions which tangles the hair. Use a detangling conditioner and brush the hair at the same time.

• When you dry the hair, you should shake it thoroughly and squeeze out the water with a towel, then let the hair dry naturally for minimal wear. Remember that you can’t rub the hair with the towel, only gently squeeze out all the water.

• Once the hair has dried, brush through it carefully, preferably with a swine brush or detangle brush designed for hair extensions.

• This hair is made of Synthetic Fiber and we recommend you to avoid any heat styling tools. We are not responsible for hair that's been damaged after usage of heat styling tools.

Care advice - Natural hair extensions


• When you wash your hair extensions, it is always best to let your hair dry naturally, you can also use the blow dryer with low heat to speed up the process, remember to keep the nozzle at about 30cm distance. Never sleep with wet hair.

• Brush your hair thoroughly before cleaning and separate attachments apart with your fingers if you have extended your hair with keratin, which may otherwise cluster.

• When you shower, gently massage the shampoo into the hair with downward movements, do not rub. Then rinse thoroughly! Do not shower with hot water, lukewarm is recommended. Use plenty of conditioner and mask meanwhile you comb out the hair. To avoid unnecessary damage, do not wash your extensions more often than necessary. 

• You should regularly use a hair masque that is nourishing. Do not apply conditioner or hair masque close to the scalp and where you attached your hair because it gets oily and increases the risk that the attachment can fall out or slip off. When using extensions, always avoid products that contain silicones, these can cause serious damage and tangles and provides severely reduced quality.

• Brush your hair every day and start at the ends when you brush. We recommend detangle brushes for hair extensions. We recommend you to brush it when the hair is dry. Avoid pulling and tearing your extensions while brushing, be gentle. 
• You can curl and flat your natural extensions. You can style your hair extensions just like your normal hair, be extra careful and always use heat protecting products that are silicone free. Avoid straightening or to blow-drying the hair extensions often. The more often the faster it wears the hair. 

• Never put heat tools directly on the keratin bonds or any other extensions techniques, the bonds will melt and the product will deteriorate.

• Do not spray hairspray that contains alcohol on your hair as this wears on your hair. Avoid styling products that contain silicones and alcohol.
• Braid your hair at night, there's nothing that tears so much as when you are asleep because you toss and rub the hair during the night. Use a elastic without metal on. Never go to bed with wet hair. Brush through it again when you wake up.

• Sun, heat, swimming in chlorine and salt water can loosen the keratin bonds and other extensions attachments. The hair will be extra worn when exposed, and can become tangled of salt water and chlorine. Blonde hair can become discolored. Rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water after such exposure and use a hair masque and leave-in products that protects your hair. Most of all, avoid bathing your hair.

We are not responsible for products that are used in such circumstances.

• All tinting, coloring or other chemical treatments on your hair extensions are made at your own risk. We do not recommend such treatments on your hair extensions because it is already treated. We do not replace the hair destroyed due chemical treatments. 

Care instructions for Clip & Go Extensions

• Avoid sleeping with Clip & Go Extensions, remove them from your hair before you go to sleep in order to get a more comfortable sleep and to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your hair. 

• During exercise, remove the extensions, this keeps your hair healthy-looking and you do not need to wash it as often. 

• Air your hair when you feel that it is unfresh, you do not need to wash it every time you shower. If this does not help, it's time to wash it. Once you need to wash it, do so separately and squeeze it lightly with a towel before letting it dry naturally. Brush your hair when it is dry again. 

We are not responsible for how you take care of your hair or if you destroy it due bad products or poor maintenance. Therefore the product can not be claimed or returned after the seal is broken.