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Isabelle Strömberg

Isabelle Strömberg is a northern 20 year old girl who now lives in Stockholm. She took the blogosphere by storm at an extremely young age and became an icon for many young girls with her relevant and personalized messages and tips on fashion and beauty. 

In the blog, she writes about everything that happens in her fast paced life. You can also take part in many fashion and beauty tips.
Poze Clip & Go 12N/8B - 50cm
With Poze Clip & Go, I always have a quick solution that will give me long, abundant hair immediately. Feels very smooth and easy to remove hair when I want.

Poze Premium Keratin Extensions - 50cm
Being able to have extensions for several months without trouble is really nice, this is my favorite method I lathes with Poze Clip & Go. I love Poze Premium that is incredibly soft and fine and blends in naturally with my own hair. The color I usually wear is Beach Blonde 11V combined with Sand Blonde 10B.


Poze Clip & Go 12N/8B - 50cm
Poze Premium Keratin - 50cm


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Hair Extensions is the international name for all types of Hair Extensions and includes all products. In our product range you will find the most popular Clip & Go / Clip On Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Hair Weft, Keratin Extensions and Magic Tip. We have developed products to offer you what suits your hair and fulfill your wishes. Poze Hair Extensions are available in all colors, shades and lengths with a superior quality. Our products have helped women around the world to fulfill the dream of a longer and fuller hair, let us help you with that dream!

Our products have helped women around the world to fulfill the dream of a longer and fuller hair, let us help you with that dream!