See which Poze products Dessie use.
Dessie is the girl who has been on Sweden's top rating within the blogosphere since 2008. She has been active in the Stockholm nightlife and has been a well-known figure in the city's finer neighborhoods. 

In her blog you can read about her life as a new mother to little Theodore, but obviously a lot of other things like bags, furnishings and everyday life.
Poze Clip & Go 12NA/10B - 60cm 
An obvious choice for me as always been spontaneous, I always have a set Clip & Go with me if any event or night out would come up. Poze Clip & Go gives me very abundant hair that I can easily style and shape.
Poze Premium Keratin - 60cm
Saving and getting long and abundant hair is not so easy for everyone, that is why keratin extensions become something I use often. I can wear it for months and it feels exactly like my own hair. With the right care it does'nt tear at all and I just love the feeling of getting long hair after a few hours visit at the hairsalon. My color is Beige Sunkissed which is a combination of the colors 12NA mixed with 10B.