Poze Midnight Brown Flip In Hair Extensions - 50cm
Poze Standard Wire & Go Extensions Midnight Black 1N - 50cm Poze Standard Wire & Go Extensions Midnight Black 1N - 50cm Poze Standard Wire & Go Extensions Midnight Black 1N - 50cm Poze Standard Wire & Go Extensions Midnight Black 1N - 50cm

Poze Standard Wire & Go Extensions

Midnight Black 1N - 50cm


Poze presents one of the hottest and most innovative products in the market. Wire & Go Extensions is the new hair trend and it has become a big sensation worldwide. A hair piece that fits everyone and delivers outstanding results in no time.


It has never been so easy to create glamorous hairstyles with volume and fullness. The Wire In method is fast, easy and requires no prior knowledge.


Get your dream hair style in just minutes without burdening your own hair, perfect for all occasions.


Wire & Go is easy applied with a transparent wire, just like a hair band.

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• Shape: Straight hair, which also can be shaped with a curl or flat iron.


• Quantity & Size: One piece that is about 28 cm wide and weighs about 100 grams. The hair piece is prepared with a transparent wire and is ready to be worn. The wire is adjustable to suit everyone.


Here's how to do: Start by adjusting the wire to fit your head size, and then fix the wire by pressing the micro-ring with a plier. Section your upper hair and attach your Flip & Go like a hair band. Loose your upper hair and let it blend with the rest. Style your hair according to your own wishes and needs.


Poze Standard Quality - Top seller and customer favorite. With its richness and quality the hair extensions suits great for all occasions. Standard Quality are either straight or wavy and may in some cases turn to light natural waves after washing. The hair is originally dark and then colored into a wide variety of beautiful shades to suit just your hair.


100% Natural Remy Hair extensions that are treated with Poze Keratin-Refill Process, which condition the hair with intense nourishment and makes it stronger. Remy means that all hair is in the same direction, minimizing tangles and keeps the hair healthy for a long time.



• Avoid sleeping with Wire Extensions, remove from the hair before to get a more comfortable sleep and not to tear at your hair.


• During training, remove the extensions, this keeps your hair healthy-looking and you do not wash it as often.


• Aerate your hair when you feel it's lost the freshness, do not wash it every time you shower. If this does not help, it's time to wash it. Once you need to wash it, you do it separately and wipe it lightly with a towel before you let it dry naturally. Brush your hair when it is dry.


Poze recommend you to use quality products on your hair.

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