Poze Premium Clip & Go Midnight Brown
Poze Premium Clip & Go Hair Extensions Midnight Brown 1B - 50cm Poze Premium Clip & Go Hair Extensions Midnight Brown 1B - 50cm Poze Premium Clip & Go Hair Extensions Midnight Brown 1B - 50cm Poze Premium Clip & Go Hair Extensions Midnight Brown 1B - 50cm

Poze Premium Clip & Go Hair Extensions

Midnight Brown 1B - 50cm

The hair for those who place high demands on quality and longevity. The easiest way to get longer and fuller hair!
Poze Premium Quality is the most exclusive we can offer you when it comes to hair extensions. It consists only of thin and fine hair of the highest quality.
Now we can offer you one of the markets most luxuriously thick hair extensions! Experience the feeling today!

• Shape: Straight hair, which also can be shaped with a curl or flat iron.


• Quantity & Size: A Poze Clip & Go kit weighs about 125 grams. You need 1 package for normal  hair, 2 packages for thicker hair. One set includes 7pcs, each having multiple clips sewn and ready to be attached. 


Parts width is approx: 1x20cm. 2x15cm. 2x10cm. 2x5cm. 


Poze Easy Clip Technology makes it incredibly simple and easy to extend/thicken your hair. You attach your hair whenever you want and get a very comfortable and stable attachment thanks to the clever clips supplied. Poze develops its own clip with reinforced metal and rubber edge to provide extra grip. In just a few clicks, you have your dream hair in place.


Here's how to do: Take a straight section in your hair, back-comb and then spray. Take a Clip On part and pin where you back-combed. Repeat the same technique until all components are in place. Style your hair to your own preferences and look.


Poze Premium Quality - This hair is made of a specially selected quality which is finer and originates from southern Europe, which is perfect for fine Scandinavian hair. Premium Quality is straight and get a slight natural curl after washing. The initial shade is often lighter and therefore require a more gentle bleaching process before the hair is colored. The result is a healthier and stronger hair that lasts longer.


100% Natural Remy Hair extensions that are treated with Poze Keratin-Refill Process, which condition the hair with intense nourishment and makes it stronger. Remy means that all hair is in the same direction, minimizing tangles and keeps the hair healthy for a long time.




• Avoid sleeping with Clip & Go Extensions, remove from the hair before to get a more comfortable sleep and not to tear at your hair.


• During training, remove the extensions, this keeps your hair healthy-looking and you do not wash it as often.


• Aerate your hair when you feel it's lost the freshness, do not wash it every time you shower. If this does not help, it's time to wash it. Once you need to wash it, you do it separately and wipe it lightly with a towel before you let it dry naturally. Brush your hair when it is dry.


Pozehair always recommend you to use quality products on your hair.

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