Poze Multi Plier - Flat & Remove

Poze Multi Plier - Flat & Remove


Poze Multi Plier Flat & Remove is a special hair extension plier designed for application or removing keratin / nail extensions and also micro ring extensions.


The plier provides flat and fine keratin bonds with much better results and comfortable hair extensions. Thanks to the special design and high quality of the tool you will get perfect precision when working.


With ergonomic design, you get a better grip and you do not wear out your fingers and hands as you work.


Poze own extension tools are manufactured in Europe with first class quality that is unbeatable. We guarantee you several years of intensive use without any problems.


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Flat Keratin: Melt the wax as usual and form then quickly with your fingers so that the wax envelops the loop of your own hair. Then press the wax with the pliers square shape and hold for a few seconds. The wax will be shaped and get flat bonds that lies flat against the scalp.


Removing: Apply a drop of gel remover on the keratin bond and squeeze with pliers serrated part until the wax is dissolved. Remember not to pull the loop while you squeeze, try to rotate a bit on the loop so you can crush the keratin from all sides.

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