Poze Hair Case - Black

Poze Hair Case - Black


Your hair extensions are just as important as your finest clothes garments and should be kept in the best possible way for longer life. Poze has developed Hair Case which makes it easier for you both at home and while traveling.


With Poze Hair Case you avoid tangled hair extensions that you just put in a box or bag. From now on your hair extensions will hang neatly in the closet with optimum protection without taking place.




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Poze Hair Case has a transparent front with a zip and an exclusive hanger with clips so you easily can hang your Poze Hair Extensions. If you're on tour, you also have a plastic pocket in front so you easily can put your name tag in. 
To keep your Poze Hair Extensions fresh, you should wash it regularly and let it air dry for minimal wear. Now you can use the Poze hanger to hang your hair extensions and let it dry naturally without complications.