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The gorgeous Helen Torsgården pozing with her fabulous thick wavy hair from Poze. Helen uses Poze Clip & Go in color 12NA/10B Sunkissed Beige.
What do you guys think about this amazing stunner, Elin Jaconelli with her Poze Clip & Go Honey Blonde.
Sindy Niklasson in the house. Here she is with her ​​new beautiful hair behind the camera.
Poze photoshoot with Bingo Rimér
Caroline Winberg known from Victoria Secret, about her hair and the rescue in Chic Magazine
Video shooting with Poze directed by a Hollywood team...
Happy girls during one of our educations
Paris Hilton tweets about Poze Hair Extensions
Isabel Adrian at the Chic Gala with Poze Hair Extensions
Caroline Winberg with Poze hair at the Victoria's Secret Show
The girls from the TV3 program "Lyckan i LA" - With Poze hair extensions.
Competition associated with the launch of Poze Limited Edition by Isabel Adrian.
Dani Karlsson participating in Miss Universe with Poze of course.
Isabel Adrian during an interview about the release of "Poze Limited Edition by Isabel Adrian"
Isabel Adrian during the launch of "Poze Limited Edition by Isabel Adrian"
Article about the launch in Chic Magazine
Dessie working as an ambassador for Poze Hair Extensions during an event.
Djamila from Top Model shows the hottest hair extensions ever.
The program Trinny & Susannah - All models that got an makeover in the program used Poze hair extensions.
Photoshoot with Bingo Rimér and Scandinavian Top Bloggers.
Donnie our CEO on a quality control in one of our factories in Europe.