Tape On Set

Poze Tape On Set

Poze Tape On Set includes:
Poze Power Tape is a strong, flexible tape that provides durable results without damaging your hair. You can use this extensions tape to attach silicon hair weft or Tape On Extensions. Transparent and thin tape for comfortable and stylish results. 
Poze Tape Remover is a liquid remover for Tape On Extensions. Gentle and effective removal of all types of extensions tape. 
The remover is alcohol based which is a great advantage when compared to oil-based removers. Alcohol-based remover enables you to put on your hair with new tape without problems, oil-based removers leave an oily surface, which means that the tape may not hold and thus loosening.
Manufactured in Europe with the highest possible quality.   


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How to use: Fit the tape on the Tape hair strip, avoid sticky fingers on the tape and silicone strip. To remove use Poze Tape On Remover, you can easily reuse your extensions by attaching with new tape. 
Size: 0.8cm wide and 2.5m long.
  • Poze Power Tape
  • Poze Tape Remover - 50ml